A Bachelor apartment in Jaffa

A small two-bedroom apartment of 30 square meters.
Originally, the apartment had a small living room near the entrance, with a poor kitchen, a hallway with access to a bathroom and a small bedroom. To open up the space, the kitchen was relocated from the center of the house to its north side. The location of the new living room enables sitting and watching TV overlooking the landscape, the entrance and the kitchen, so there is always a feeling of a wider space. The bedroom has been designed to create intimacy, despite door removal.
The client was looking for an urban, masculine design, corresponding with the area. We have therefore chosen an old-fashioned wooden flooring with a rough finish. The parquet provided warmth, allowing remaining colors to be brighter and “open” the space. Black veneer kitchen, along with real stones, warm and quality lighting and gray shades – all created a luxurious look.

The result is certainly inviting, the space looks and feels much bigger. Using natural materials while playing with light and dark shades made the apartment look like as if it`s located at the heart of Paris, miles away from a tiny apartment in Israel.

Architecture and Interior Design by Guy Peled Studio

Apartment in Jaffa Court

A three-bedroom apartment with a balcony overlooking the sea.

The apartment was originally a small two-bedroom with no storage space.

The requested style was luxurious and glamorous, using classic, lasting materials.
A luxurious herringbone parquet flooring gave a warm feeling. Cladding the exterior walls in concrete plates added an elegant feel and warmth, despite the use of gray shades and concrete. Carpentry elements were painted on veneer, emphasizing and reflecting warmth. Brass and bronze shades accessories were chosen to inspire a European and sophisticated atmosphere. The black color was chosen to “frame” the view, while his bold presence highlighted the strict and mature coloration. In order not to make the apartment loaded despite its size, hidden service areas were embedded in the walls. In addition, a number of main, dominant and unique items were selected to focus maximum attention and represent the requested style.
The bedroom was located at the end of the apartment, in the highest privacy location.

The kitchen was relocated to the corner of the apartment, adjacent to the balcony. It transforms the balcony and the island style kitchen to the center of the house. In addition, the kitchen functions as a drink and serving bar. Stained glass window separating the kitchen from the balcony can be open, and by that adds the kitchen to the balcony area. “R” shaped sitting area keeps the balcony as spacious as possible. The sitting area itself is also facing the living room, and thus creating a double living room, even though the apartment is not big.

Architecture and Interior Design by Guy Peled Studio

Conservation building & Aria Restaurant

Aria restaurant is located in a conservation building. It is spread over two floors, with a cocktail bar on the first floor and a restaurant on the top floor.
The goal was to create a compound, combining a respectable restaurant and a bar while creating harmony between classic and modern. At first glance, the high-whitewashed walls will already impress you, some are painted and some reveal the original bricks.

To build the atmosphere and design, we have renovated the high windows according to strict conservation laws. Dark parquet floors made of solid wood and a combination of white chairs and tables with soft lighting gave the restaurant its unique and intimate atmosphere.

Architecture and Interior Design by Oren Aknin

An Urban House, Rishon LeZion

A magical combination between urban and green garden.

With respect to topography, the master bedroom was built having a direct entrance and the back of the house was built underground. The top of the house consists of three additional floors and a spacious garden. The house was designed in order to maximize space utilization.

Spacious, country-style kitchen was integrated into the dining room.

Spacious living room, designed with bright and soft colors.

Spacious bedrooms, each one has its own bathroom and shower suite.

The walls are decorated with bold colors oil paintings, combining an interesting contrast.

On the floor, warm oriental rugs were scattered.
Planning, design, and implementation by the-key.

Zimmers in Golan Heights

The zimmers were designed as part of a project, consisting of a private residence and a compound for tourism and hospitality.

The architect, Michal Shein, said the project design began with a journey up north and climbing that mountain, overlooking the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights.

Planning and overall design revolve around that same experience. The design concept enables the residents watch the view from each location: bed, Jacuzzi, internal and external sitting area and naturally the pool.
The zimmers are pastoral, cozy, built using natural colors and materials such as wood, water, iron and basalt.
Despite being modernly equipped, the zimmers are not overly designed. Magic is already there; all we needed to do was maintain it, a very difficult task to cope with.

Architecture and Interior Design by Michal Schein Studio

Penthouse in Tel Aviv

The penthouse is spread across 150 sqm + 70 sqm balcony surrounding its southern part. It is located in a new building on a high floor, in one of Tel-Aviv`s most prestigious neighborhoods.

Clients demand to design the house to meet their needs, without detracting from the quality of the spaces and the sense of space of the house was a major challenge.

Another element having a major impact on design and planning process was the landscape. A spacious urban landscape, starting at the northern part of Herzliya and ends somewhere in southern Tel Aviv. Selection of materials was highly influenced by this urbanism. A combination of hot and cold materials, soft and rough textures, dark and light materials and many opposite edges, characterizing the big city.

Wall coverings include clean clear glass along with bricks covered with transparent curtains.

In the living room, a black fur carpet is spread on the floor. A stainless steel, transparent thin glass table is standing on it. Shower incorporates super-modern huge thin tiles, 3m over 1.5m and natural wood. Deck flooring in the balcony, combined with 90/90 tiles, kitchen is built from smooth concrete. At any given time, there is a transition between different types of materials that create a super modern design – clean, but still warm and inviting.

Artwork has also became an integral part of the design, being close to the homeowners hearts. Many works of art were integrated in the house, from painting to sculpture. The art takes the house to another dimension, in a personal, internal world, providing a unique, personal statement.

Up-to-date domestic control system technologies are incorporated in the house, such as floor heating, lighting, audio, video, air conditioning and alarm. The technology is also reflected in the minimalist equipment, which greatly contributes to the aesthetics of the house.

Each detail in the house is taking part in this story of modern, practical life in an uncompromising world, combined with aesthetics and personal statement. The result is beautiful, aesthetic pleasant and luxurious – a total design in the full sense of the word.

Architecture and Interior Design by Michal Schein Studio

Apartment in two colors

An apartment, built and designed for a businessman who dreamed of a genuine Tel Aviv apartment, which will constitute a real warm spot, in memory of “old” Tel Aviv, something to cling to as he arrives to Israel in between his trips around the world.
The apartment is located in an authentic Bauhaus building.
The challenge was to design a modern, contemporary, updated and perfectly equipped apartment, without losing its charm. The apartment was dismantled and rebuilt, keeping the original design principles: an apartment built around an open central space, the living room. Adjacent are the kitchen, the dining area and the balcony.
Instead of having narrow corridors, hidden doors were used to connect between spaces, having a large bedroom hidden behind the living room`s wooden wall, providing a “retro” atmosphere using a contemporary technique.

The bedroom goes straight into the balcony, but is separable by detachable blinds system, especially imported to Israel. This creates a dynamic space – connected and separate spaces, open and close as needed using different partitions.

Solid wood parquet flooring in two shades, creating dramatic stripes pattern. The parquet has a powerful presence, creating a special and unique character.

Furniture was carefully selected and specially imported from France. It combines last century retro style with innovative technology. Fabrics are also gentle, unique, with different textures, creating rich composition on the one hand but still soft and romantic.
Showers are covered with retro style tiles, imported from Italy, same as taps and sanitary, creating a European-style scent, which also symbolizes that eclectic time in Tel Aviv.

The house is fully equipped with advanced lighting system controlled by an intelligent system along with advanced stereo systems, air conditioning, heating, communication – design and technological advance.

Architecture and Interior Design by Michal Schein Studio

הוילה בצהלה

בשכונת צהלה שבתל אביב, נפרש על שטח של 500 מ”ר.
זהו בית חלומי בו תפגשו קווים נקיים ומוקפדים ויחידת מגורים מעוצבת עם פינה מפנקת ומרגיעה שבה תוכלו לנוח מהיום שעבר עליכם, כל זאת בחסות האח המפיץ את חמימותו בכל הקומה.
חדרי הילדים מעוצבים בסגנון בריטי מהמאה ה-19 ומשלב קרניזים וטפטים מיוחדים, כאשר לכל אחד יש את הפרטיות והייחוד שלו. חדר ההורים עוצב בנגיעות עתיקות ורומנטיות עם אמבט ייחודי שהוצב במרכז החדר.
אם תצאו לסיבוב בגינה תרגישו בדיוק כמו בכפר ונוף הפארק יוסיף לאווירה הנעימה. עוד בגינה תוכלו לראות מטבח ברביקיו מאובזר ובריכה צלולה.
הכניסה לבית הוקפה בגינה ירוקה בתכנון אדריכלי מוקפד כל זאת יוצר הרמוניה מזמינה.

אדריכלות ועיצוב פנים: סטודיו מושיק חדידה

כוכב הנגב

לורם איפסום דולור סיט אמט, קונסקטורר אדיפיסינג אלית קונסקטורר אדיפיסינג אלית. סת אלמנקום ניסי נון ניבאה. דס איאקוליס וולופטה דיאם. וסטיבולום אט דולור, קראס אגת לקטוס וואל אאוגו וסטיבולום סוליסי טידום בעליק. קונדימנטום קורוס בליקרה, נונסטי קלובר בריקנה סטום, לפריקך תצטריק לרטי לורם איפסום דולור סיט אמט, קונסקטורר אדיפיסינג אלית קונסקטורר אדיפיסינג אלית. סת אלמנקום ניסי נון ניבאה. דס איאקוליס וולופטה דיאם. וסטיבולום אט דולור, קראס אגת לקטוס וואל אאוגו וסטיבולום סוליסי טידום בעליק. קונדימנטום קורוס בליקרה, נונסטי קלובר בריקנה סטום, לפריקך תצטריק לרטי