Our Services

We provide diverse services, creating a full services portfolio for handling your property construction project.

Below is a list of our full services portfolio. Still, clients can select THE KEY solely as an executing company. In this case, the company will work directly with the architect and/or the client, offering its expertise, knowledge and professionalism.

  • Architectural consultation and coordination across all construction, contracting and renovation areas
    We work with a wide selection of best-of-breed architects. We can match each client with the right architect in terms of taste, style and personal chemistry. We learn all about our clients` preferences and offer them a variety of options. If necessary, we arrange for the customer a tour on the field, to see, experience and feel different architects` projects, and of course, coordinate meetings with selected architects.It should be noted that even once the architect was selected, we continue to advise and accompany the client along the way, available for any questions, clarifications and modifications. We conduct on going weekly meetings with the client and the architect to review the progress of plans, permits, and so forth.
  • Tracking and coordinating with experts for each detail and each task required for the project.We have 25 employees in a variety of fields. In addition, we collaborate with the industry`s best-of-breed contractors, professionals and suppliers. As a result, we are able to provide our clients with a freedom of choice, while keeping full transparency.
  • Building schedules, budgets, and detailed project plan.Once we have reviewed all plans, related materials and professionals’ costs – we present the budget to our client. The budget is built in the attempt to anticipate as many potential problems as possible, with emphasis on keeping this budget throughout the project.

    In parallel with approval of plans and submitting them for permit, we are building the time schedule with the architect and the client. In that aspect, we review the service providers, special items, delivery dates of white construction materials, carpentry, welding, lighting, flooring, cladding, aluminum, kitchens, etc.

  • Careful coordination between all professionalsWe appoint a project manager for each project. He is present on the field from day one and is responsible for the implementation of all tasks.

    In addition, the manager is responsible for coordinating between the different suppliers: the plasterer, carpenter, floorer, plumber, sealing professional and so forth.

    Coordination is conducted by taking into consideration scheduled timeline, and providing a written update in case of any change, while getting clients` full approval.

    We are managing our assignments on a weekly basis. Assignments are carefully monitored each week to prevent any deviations in plans/budgets.

  • Daily project updatesOnce every few days the Project manager sends an update via e-mail. The update includes a photographic documentation of project`s progress, details of complete assignments, estimations and general updates from the field.
  • Aesthetics and cleanliness throughout the project.We believe that maintaining cleanliness and order throughout all phases of the project is equally important and make sure the project looks great at every stage, not just at completion.
  • Delivering a perfect property, including a perfect finishIf necessary, at this point, we can offer our clients an interior designer, who will provide the final touch for their new home.