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A Bachelor apartment in Jaffa

A small two-bedroom apartment of 30 square meters.
Originally, the apartment had a small living room near the entrance, with a poor kitchen, a hallway with access to a bathroom and a small bedroom. To open up the space, the kitchen was relocated from the center of the house to its north side. The location of the new living room enables sitting and watching TV overlooking the landscape, the entrance and the kitchen, so there is always a feeling of a wider space. The bedroom has been designed to create intimacy, despite door removal.
The client was looking for an urban, masculine design, corresponding with the area. We have therefore chosen an old-fashioned wooden flooring with a rough finish. The parquet provided warmth, allowing remaining colors to be brighter and “open” the space. Black veneer kitchen, along with real stones, warm and quality lighting and gray shades – all created a luxurious look.

The result is certainly inviting, the space looks and feels much bigger. Using natural materials while playing with light and dark shades made the apartment look like as if it`s located at the heart of Paris, miles away from a tiny apartment in Israel.

Architecture and Interior Design by Guy Peled Studio