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Apartment in two colors

An apartment, built and designed for a businessman who dreamed of a genuine Tel Aviv apartment, which will constitute a real warm spot, in memory of “old” Tel Aviv, something to cling to as he arrives to Israel in between his trips around the world.
The apartment is located in an authentic Bauhaus building.
The challenge was to design a modern, contemporary, updated and perfectly equipped apartment, without losing its charm. The apartment was dismantled and rebuilt, keeping the original design principles: an apartment built around an open central space, the living room. Adjacent are the kitchen, the dining area and the balcony.
Instead of having narrow corridors, hidden doors were used to connect between spaces, having a large bedroom hidden behind the living room`s wooden wall, providing a “retro” atmosphere using a contemporary technique.

The bedroom goes straight into the balcony, but is separable by detachable blinds system, especially imported to Israel. This creates a dynamic space – connected and separate spaces, open and close as needed using different partitions.

Solid wood parquet flooring in two shades, creating dramatic stripes pattern. The parquet has a powerful presence, creating a special and unique character.

Furniture was carefully selected and specially imported from France. It combines last century retro style with innovative technology. Fabrics are also gentle, unique, with different textures, creating rich composition on the one hand but still soft and romantic.
Showers are covered with retro style tiles, imported from Italy, same as taps and sanitary, creating a European-style scent, which also symbolizes that eclectic time in Tel Aviv.

The house is fully equipped with advanced lighting system controlled by an intelligent system along with advanced stereo systems, air conditioning, heating, communication – design and technological advance.

Architecture and Interior Design by Michal Schein Studio